Augmentative Learning and Movement Center: Vermont-based Special Education Schools and Consultation Services

Augmentative Learning and Movement Center

Welcome to ALMC

The ALMC, LLC is transitioning our school name, services, and website to the Mosaic Learning Center. While our new website is under development, feel free to call us at 802-658-9176.

The Mosaic Learning Center draws upon the unique assets of family, school and community partners to create meaningful and vibrant programs for our students. We have a deep respect for the power of our students' stories and for the value of understanding their individual journeys and strengths. Through the discovery and alignment of each student's unique abilities, we are able create dynamic instruction that engages more meaningful learning both in the public schools and our independent schools.

Our educational and clinical staff develops programs that capitalize on our student's strengths as a resource for addressing areas of challenge and creating opportunities for growth. Each student receives instruction based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) from our experienced staff of special educators, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, behaviorists and instructors.

The students' explore opportunities for new learning in group, individual and community settings. Through a combination of teaching techniques, students learn strategies for self-regulation, mindfulness, andinterpersonal relationships that enhance their ability to learn academic skills.

In order to strengthen the collaboration between all of us as community partners, we coordinate interventions between our program, community providers, and public schools. As a place of learning, we seek to create purposeful experiences and educational opportunities that are available across settings in order to provide maximum benefit for our students and their families.

Please call us at 802-658-9176.